Antidepressant Death Awareness Month

I have to be honest, I didn’t know this was a thing.  I knew that people died from overdose and things of that nature, but I had no idea that there was time that was set aside to bring awareness to this issue.

After doing some research and really doing a deep dive on the statistics I am floored.  These statistics that are posted by Palm Health Care are alarming:

  • More than 300 million people suffer from depression globally
  • Approximately 16 million adults in the US had at least one major depressive episode in 2012
  • Depression is the leading cause of disability worldwide
  • 11% of adolescents have a depressive disorder by age 18
  • 10%-20% of new moms will experience postpartum depression
  • 30% of college students report feeling depressed enough it disrupted their performance in school
  • 50% of Americans with major depression don’t seek treatment

I realized that this definitely needs to be discussed more.  And not just discussed, but we have to be willing to help our friends in need.  Its obvious that we all don’t have the answers, but the resources are prevalent.

The stat that bothers me the most, as always, is the stat regarding children.  It is beyind alarming that children are suffering through any kind of mental illness.  It has been researched and found that some children can be predisposed to some mental illnesses.  Outside of that, I have become more and more concerned with what goes on in these children’s lives to cause them to experience this ugly illness.

The last stat, which is the worst of all, is that 50% or Americans with major depressioon don’t seek treatment.  America has made tremendous strides over the last decade plus to eradicate the stigma surrounding mental health.  People like myself who seek to educate the masses and assist people in finding the proper resources for their illness are surging to the forefront.  Sadly, this is not enough.

We can discuss it until we are blue in the face, but without any action, it is just good conversation.  We have to start taking action.  We have to ask the really tough questions and remember that this is a process.  I. myself, took six months to begin to seek the help that I truly needed – that is six months from the time that I realized I needed help.  I spent a lifetime in denial.

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

Mahatma Ghandi

A while back I wrote an article on The Depression Tunnel and what depression kind of looks like for people who want to assist.  Us folks who suffer through depression do not require a friendly helping hand.  Standing at the end of that tunnel and encouraging me to come to the light is kind, but it is not helpful.  We much more require the sleepover kind of friend, the one who will sit and wait, be patient and understanding.  For more info, click the link above.

Additionally, we have to continue our diligent work in uprooting and abolishing the stigma that is attached to mental health and mental illness.  We have to learn to take care of our WHOLE self and not just the aesthetic parts.  Our body is only as strong as our mind.  I have said it before and I will say it again, there are trained profesionals waiting to provide the proper guidance and resources for you to beat the depression that your’e experiencing, THE SAME WAY there are trained professionals who provide guidance and resources for you to beat a physical illness or injury.  There is no difference.

Discovering that Antidepressant Death Awareness Month was an actual thing couldn’t have been happenstance.  I am thrilled to bring awareness to this issue and to shed light on those who struggle through this.

Antidepressants are a life-saver.  I was also wrapped into the mindset that anti-depressants would turn you into a zombie, or they would have you all loopy and drooling all over the place or produce a version of yourself that is not normal – medicated.  I have since learned that this is far from the case and that antidepressants, when taken under physicians care, can truly lessen the effects of depression and anxiety and firmly assist you in living a happy life.

Taking the right dosage of the right medication is supremely important.  For some of us, we find the right one the first time.  For some of us, we get lucky on the first try.  For the rest of us, it takes a few different meds, which takes time, effort and patience.  This process can be very frustrating, but it works.

My heart goes out to the people who grab a medication and roll with it and continue to try to do it on their own.  The right medication alone will not prove to be the end all be all of your depression.  It is strongly urged that you also maintain a relationship with a clinical therapist on terms that work for both of you.  Finding the right therapist is also a process, in and of itself.  This process is also very helpful.

I feel bad that so many people have lost their lives to antidepressant deaths but feeling bad is not enough.  We have to take action and stand together to prevent these deaths from occurring.

Let’s stand together.

Love & Light, Fam!


Moving Beyond Fear: Learning to Define Ourselves Outside of Our Fears

One of my favorite motivational quotes comes from Will Smith:

“God places the best things in life on the other side of fear.”

Smith made this proclamation during an interview during which he described his unforgettable experience sky diving with his sons.  He describes the sheer terror he encountered just moments before he jumped freely into the wind.

Floating miles above ground, he described this experience as pure bliss.

I wonder what bliss we are missing out on as we are hiding behind our fear.  Could you imagine living a fearless life?  Free from ridicule; free from opinions and full of options.  The feeling of the wind whipping past your face and you fly through the sky having the experience of a lifetime, all because your released the fear that was merely holding you and hindering you from reaching your goals.

This is one of my favorite topics to speak on and empower people through.  Fear can be viewed in two different manners:
Forget Everything And Run
Face Everything And Rise. 

Personally, I choose the latter, not the former.  I like the idea of climbing the mountain and icing my knees later.  The adventure that awaits me at the top of that mountains, the story that will be told of triumph and success will be far greater than wishing that I had actually done it.

Where do you stand on your fear; or is your fear standing on you?  Is you fear stopping you from tapping into your true potential, living the life of your dreams or achieving a major goal in your life?  

It is time to acknowledge it, embrace it and face it and She Lifts is here and happy to help you do just that!

If you are in the Philadelphia area, I encourage you to attend and share!!  There are limited spots for this workshop so make sure you reserve your seat ASAP!!  The information and experience are life changing and its FREE!!  Click the photo below to grab your spot now!


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Love & Light, Fam!!

Boris Lawrence Henson Foundation

Ahhhhhh mental health – the black sheep of the health family.  Why do we hide from mental health so fervently?

I am always ecstatic when celebrities use their platform for positive exposure, but this is extraordinary.  Taraji P. Henson launches a mental health foundation in honor of her father Boris Lawrence Henson.

The vision of the Boris L. Henson Foundation “is to eradicate the stigma around mental health issues in the African-American community.”  This literally makes my heart smile!

Check out the link below. Ebony highlighted her recent accomplishment.

This is noteworthy for several reasons. Henson was abused by her father. How often do you see a person pay homage to their abuser? This is a pure exemplification of survivor mentality.

On top of that, the BLHF also provides scholarships to students studying in the mental health fields. WE NEED MORE OF THIS!

I am so here for this!!!

Love & Light, Fam!

National Suicide Prevention Week

Today is World Suicide Prevention Day and the second day of National Suicide Prevention Week.

I am excited to to celebrate a month that is dedicated to preventing such a tragic phenomenon.  After checking out tons of resources for this month and this week, I stumbled upon this little gem on the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention‘s Website.  Their site is rich in character and content and it encourages the visitor to take a stand.  They increase the sense urgency in the vein of prevention.

I love their initiative this year: #BeThe1To

Independence Day

The fourth of July of every year is observed to celebrate the Independence of the United States from the British Empire.  This day commemorates the date that the Declaration of Independence was signed; the document that declared the then 13 American Colonies a new nation.

Many of us celebrate this day with barbecue’s and brews – enjoying some of summers favorite flavors.  Many of us hang out at pool parties whether its in someone’s backyeard or an amusement park or a public pool.  Many of us travel far and wide to visit family and friends.  Many of us observe fireworks and other pyrotechnics or maybe even light our own.

Considering the risks of all of the aforementioned activities, She Lifts Podcast wants to first wish you all a Happy Independence Day and secondly, but most importantly, please be safe out there today!!

Love & light, Fam!

Write It Out Wednesday

Ok so, we are totally living in a fast paced society.  I get it.  We like everything to be brief and straight to the point and definitely instantaneous.

I’m certain that this is why there is such a high rate for anxiety.  We are all in react and anticipatory mode.  No one is relaxing and no one is going with the flow anymore.

One cure for that is journaling.  Journaling is a great way to get all of your thoughts down, consolidate them in one place and use as a point of reference.  Its also a great way to document events in your life.

Most of all, journaling is an awesome outlet and stress reliever.  But seriously, who has time for all that?

When I discovered bullet journaling, it literally changed my life.  It is part of the reason why I started this podcast in the first place. Yea, that kind of life changing.

Bullet journaling is a customizable system of organizing tasks, lists and duties.  It seemed pretty formidable for me at first, because I was used to a more prose style of writing, but once I began utilizing this method, it was much quicker and it assisted me in staying organized.

Pinterest (even though I don’t mention them as often as I should) has a TON of great references, templates and prompts to get you started.

It also helped me get to know myself.  I used a daily prompt and allowed myself 10 minutes a day to write on that subject.  It truly helped me to dig deep every day and pull some of the best work out of this rusty old brain of mine.

So, today, on Write it Out Wednesday, I encourage you to check out the links up above and get started with your bullet journal, TODAY!!

Love & Light, Fam!



Tinder Tuesday

Ok, look, its not what y’all think, so take it easy.

I am HUGE on Japanese culture!! I love it and I am thoroughly intrigued by it.  I love reading about it and learning about it and I cannot wait for the day that I actually get to visit Japan!  I may not ever return.

However, less about me and more about Tuesday.  In Japanese (and Korean) Tuesday means “Fire Day”.  I felt the term “Tinder” was fitting because it’s wood for fire.  NOT the dating, swipe-right, site.

Considering this idea, on the day named for fire, why not use Tuesday as the tinder to set those intentions on FIRE and really bring them to life.  As you spent yesterday, Monday, being pumped about your intentions and doing the groundwork for a stable foundation to your week, let today be the day that you actually put action to those intentions.

Tuesday is a GREAT day to get the ball rolling on your projects or even pick up where you left off, but with a different kind of scintillating flame.  Let that fire become you and use it to manifest your goals and aspirations.

Tuesday exists for the fire in us!

Love & Light, Fam!

Make Love Monday

Make love to your Monday!  Yea, I said it, and I will say it again.  MAKE LOVE TO YOUR MONDAY!

We all know that we get much better results (in the bedroom, of course) when we are comfortable and we take our time.  When you’re rushing things along, just to get the job done, you rarely find enjoyment in any of it, at all.

By MAKING LOVE TO YOUR MONDAY, you are taking your time to produce the desired results.

I always feel, and openly express, that Mondays are the best days of the week.  Starting your week off in the right way, with the right frame of mind is key, not only to the rest of your week, but to being successful in general.

We have heard it time and time again, “Diet starts on Monday,” and things like that.  Why do we choose Monday to start new things? If we tend to hate Monday so much, why would we trust this particular day with radical changes and new beginnings?

Because Monday is effing DOPE sauce!!  That’s why!!

I know you all hate Mondays, but if you’re loving your Mondays right, you’ll realize that Monday has been loving you, the right way, all this time.  Embrace it, jump up for joy for Monday!! Come Sunday night, when you’re dreading the next morning, exchange that mindset for pure joy and get all giddy and excited about Monday coming, like its Christmas or your birthday!

Don’t go to bed on Sunday stressed, make love to your Monday the night before, as if your life depended on it.  Feel the sense of accomplishment and the rush of adrenaline in your veins!  Hear your heartbeat deep inside your ears as you awaken to new possibilities on this Monday.

And the moment you rise, REJOICE!  You are among a favored group who were allowed to see yet another Monday.  There are some folks who didn’t make it this far.  No matter what you stand to face on this Monday, or whatever Monday it is, it can be conquered because you simply WOKE UP!!

I could go on and on about gratitude for simply waking up in the morning, but specifically on a Monday.

Set your intentions – ON FIRE! Plan out your week and CRUSH YOUR GOALS!

Make love to your Monday, I guarantee you, it will love you back!!

Love & Light, Fam.

Video – Will Smith on Fear

Will Smith spoke candidly about his experience in skydiving that he shared with his sons.

What struck me most about that interview was how he interpreted fear.  He simply asks, what do you need that fear for?

Sometimes, fear can help us identify when something is not right, or not right for us.  However, most times, fear can really hinder us from reaching out greatness or having a noteworthy life experience.

Why should you let fear stop you?  YOU SHOULDN’T!! Make that decision today to not allow fear to stand in the way of what you truly deserve.

Love and Light, FAM!!