Independence Day

The fourth of July of every year is observed to celebrate the Independence of the United States from the British Empire.  This day commemorates the date that the Declaration of Independence was signed; the document that declared the then 13 American Colonies a new nation.

Many of us celebrate this day with barbecue’s and brews – enjoying some of summers favorite flavors.  Many of us hang out at pool parties whether its in someone’s backyeard or an amusement park or a public pool.  Many of us travel far and wide to visit family and friends.  Many of us observe fireworks and other pyrotechnics or maybe even light our own.

Considering the risks of all of the aforementioned activities, She Lifts Podcast wants to first wish you all a Happy Independence Day and secondly, but most importantly, please be safe out there today!!

Love & light, Fam!

Ep. 7 – Make the Difference

This week’s episode covers a lot of different topics under one huge and super important umbrella, mentorship.

No one has gotten to where they are in life, or achieved the level of success that they have alone.  There is always someone there helping them along the way as a trusted confidant, mentor and tutor.

This is supremely important for those of us who are working our way up through some ladder whether its corporate, small business, non profit or whatever.  Throughout your journey, you will encounter a ton of people who possess skill sets and expertise that will  serve you in your journey.

This presents the opportunity for them to become ingrained into your success story, and you into theirs.

This week is all about making the difference in someone’s life.  This is not always a monetary factor. Most times, it has nothing to do with money at all.  Taking someone under your wing and teaching them what you know is equally (if not more) impactful and beneficial.

I encourage each of the readers and listeners to reach out to someone whom they feel has potential to be something great, someone you believe in.  Reach out ask them how you can assist them.  Reach out and let them know that you see them, offer words of encouragement and see where that goes.

You could be in the beginning stages of building a lucrative and lifelong partnership with someone by simply reaching out and sparking a conversation.

Love & light, Fam!



Throwback Thursday

Ahhh yes! It’s another #tbt. Of course, as your scroll down your social media, you are treated to a trip down memory lane. Today is like universal reflection day!

We have all these cues around us including TimeHop and Facebook memories to take us on these little journeys each week. Let’s just take it a bit further, why don’t we?

Today, I’m encouraging you – EMPOWERING you – to mentally go there. Reach back into you memories to a time when you were truly happy. Feel that joy again. What were you doing? Who were you around? How did you find that level of happiness? How did it truly feel and how did it shape and mold who you have become?

On the flip side of that, reflect back to a time where you weren’t so happy. Maybe a painful time in your life. Feel that pain. What did it take for you to get through it? Who was around you when you came through to the other side? How has that experience shaped and molded who you have become?

See what I did there? Sometimes it’s important to not only acknowledge those positive character building experiences but also the painful ones as well. But we are NOT staying there, in that space. We are NOT allowing that experience to consume us and force us back into the negative head space or those bad habits.

We can simply revisit its lessons and the growth that we have experienced since and simply celebrate that.

#tbt isn’t always about how cute our kids were when they were babies or how much weight we’ve gained since high school. It’s also about celebrating leaving that toxic relationship, becoming grounded in your spiritual walk, launching your business and all sorts of cool and exciting things like that!

Celebrating growth and looking forward on your potential is amazing and it’s a great way to not only lift others but to truly lift yourself.

Love & Light, Fam.



This week we are conducting our first giveaway!!! I’m so excited and this is so fitting! For all of you NON MORNING people out there, I have the recipe for you! @hal_elrod @yopalhal has this AMAZING 📖 @themiraclemorning and it’s yours, FREE!!

To enter: tag a friend and give an encouragement! #giveaway will last until Friday the 29th the winner will be announced during the #sheliftssaturday live video on FB and IG!!!

Good Luck!!

Love & Light, Fam!

Write It Out Wednesday

Ok so, we are totally living in a fast paced society.  I get it.  We like everything to be brief and straight to the point and definitely instantaneous.

I’m certain that this is why there is such a high rate for anxiety.  We are all in react and anticipatory mode.  No one is relaxing and no one is going with the flow anymore.

One cure for that is journaling.  Journaling is a great way to get all of your thoughts down, consolidate them in one place and use as a point of reference.  Its also a great way to document events in your life.

Most of all, journaling is an awesome outlet and stress reliever.  But seriously, who has time for all that?

When I discovered bullet journaling, it literally changed my life.  It is part of the reason why I started this podcast in the first place. Yea, that kind of life changing.

Bullet journaling is a customizable system of organizing tasks, lists and duties.  It seemed pretty formidable for me at first, because I was used to a more prose style of writing, but once I began utilizing this method, it was much quicker and it assisted me in staying organized.

Pinterest (even though I don’t mention them as often as I should) has a TON of great references, templates and prompts to get you started.

It also helped me get to know myself.  I used a daily prompt and allowed myself 10 minutes a day to write on that subject.  It truly helped me to dig deep every day and pull some of the best work out of this rusty old brain of mine.

So, today, on Write it Out Wednesday, I encourage you to check out the links up above and get started with your bullet journal, TODAY!!

Love & Light, Fam!



Video – Will Smith on Fear

Will Smith spoke candidly about his experience in skydiving that he shared with his sons.

What struck me most about that interview was how he interpreted fear.  He simply asks, what do you need that fear for?

Sometimes, fear can help us identify when something is not right, or not right for us.  However, most times, fear can really hinder us from reaching out greatness or having a noteworthy life experience.

Why should you let fear stop you?  YOU SHOULDN’T!! Make that decision today to not allow fear to stand in the way of what you truly deserve.

Love and Light, FAM!!

Happy Father’s Day

There are things that mothers simply cannot teach their sons. There are lessons that little girls learn from their fathers that only sound like parables when told from a mother’s perspective.

The relationship between a child and a father is ridiculously important.

For little girls, it’s their first example of love. For little boys, it’s a guideline for their life of love. Dads set the tone at an early age.

Considering how much of an impact this is, now imagine how painful it can be when that father is absent from the home; absent from the child’s life. It’s crushing. Even though it may not present itself the same in every child, they are directly affected.

Dads, we need you, ALL of you. Not just the time that you can dedicate. Not just the time that you find that’s free, we need your ALL in everything you do with us.

We need your Love. We need your encouragement. We need your support. We need your provision. We need you patience. We need your guidance and advice. We need your strength. We need your vulnerability. We need YOU.

Its okay to take time for yourself. It’s okay conduct a little introspective inventory and figure out areas in which you can improve and be the best Dad to your little onlookers. It’s not easy, we get it.

Dads, we thank you for all you’ve imparted on is throughout the years. We thank you for teaching us, understating us. But most importantly, we thank you for loving us.

Happy Fathers Day from She Lifts Podcast

Enjoy your day!!

The Depression Tunnel

I was talking with a trusted friend on the topic of depression.  This discussion was prompted by a recent Facebook post by a mutual friend that I felt was a bit controversial.  I reached out to her to discuss it, before passing judgment.

Our talk helped me to understand his trajectory, but in turn helped her understand mine as well.

As a person who has seen depression rear its ugly head (I hope I said that right), I found so much trouble finding God.  I literally went from feeling God use me and move through me to feeling completely abandoned by God.  I can’t honestly tell you whether or not depression is of the Devil or not.  I cannot tell you whether or not depression is such a dark place that God chooses not to dwell there but, what I will say is that I literally couldn’t feel Him, at all.

I went from holding prayer calls and praying for people to not even being able to utter a word to God on anyone else’s behalf, let alone ask God to heal me.  Every time I would try to pray, I would just break down and cry and give up.  No words would come out anyway.

So, the idea of “try Jesus” seems so “smoke and mirrors” to me, even as a Christian.  Here is why:

Depression is like a linear tunnel.  The tunnel has two obvious entrances, the one you came in through and the one that you’re trying to find on the other side.  Truthfully, you have no idea how you got into that tunnel.  You don’t even know who you are inside that tunnel.  It is so dark in there, not even a glimmer of light shines, at all.  There is no mirror, no reflection of who you were and glimmer of hope for who you can become.  You are just literally stuck in the middle of this tunnel, cold, alone, depressed.

Along comes this person, who doesn’t understand what you’re going through.  They think you’re late to work because you just overslept, or your hair is messy because you rushed.  You’re skinny because you’re dieting, or you’re gaining a little weight because you’re getting older.

Or maybe you have none of these signs, these outward physical manifestations (there could be so many more).  Maybe you have mastered the art of smiling when you want to cry.  Maybe you have gotten so good at hiding the pain that you function through it until   no one is around and you drown your sorrows.

*Remember: Depression isn’t always sad and gloomy.

So here you are, in your tunnel, and some how, some way, someone figures you out.  And they stand there, on the edge of the tunnel giving you tips and pointers on how to get out of that tunnel.

While that seems like they’re being there for your, at least to them, what they don’t realize is that serves you very little, if at all.  This is a more self-serving act than it is a solution.  If you’ve never been in that tunnel, you wouldn’t understand.  But for those of us who have actually dwelled inside that tunnel, we know that it takes a person to come and sit with you inside that tunnel, until you have the strength to get up and walk out.

See, the act of sitting in that tunnel there with that person is truly selfless and it works.  It makes a difference.  It can sometimes mean the difference between life and death for some.  It takes a ton of courage to let someone into that space.  Letting the wrong person in, a person who won’t even come in when invited, can truly damage an already depressed person. Or anyone, for that matter.

People who don’t understand, or have never been, depression/depressed think that it’s something that you can snap out of, as if it were a choice to begin with.  It is a painful, painful experience for the one who is going through it and the ones who they are closest to.  It is not merely a choice, because if it were, I would just choose my way out of it.

So, if you know a person who is battling depression and/or anxiety and you don’t truly know how to help them, be very careful of how you’re helping and what you’re doing and saying.  Do some research, ask questions.  But most importantly, listen to them and fully be there for them – in the way that they need.  If you can’t (because this take some expert level fortitude) find someone who can.  Advocate for that person, because right now, they are not in a position to advocate for themselves.

Depression can be beat, but it takes a ton of work and you have to be active in the process.  It is definitely doable, I know because I am still here.


Ep. 4 – Just Do It

Its another #motivationmonday and today we are exploring the idea of getting up off your buns and getting into your life.

There are so many steps between “I want” and “I did” and a ton of emotions attached to each step.  But imagine the AWESOME sense of accomplishment that comes along with completing a task or achieving a goal!

Its almost overwhelming, right?

Right.  So check out this weeks episode, available on both SoundCloud and iTunes (links on home page) as we gear up to “Just Do It”.

Love & Light, Fam.