Ep. 8 – Don’t Trip Over Your Own Shoelaces

There are so many ways in which we stand in our own way.  Sometimes, we can sabotage our progress and our success without even knowing it.

This week’s episode explores just that.

Motivation Monday is always a good day to do a full review of what you are doing an dhow you plan to reach your goals.  Not only that, but its also a great time to uncover ways that you may actually be standing in your own way.

What are you saying to yourself?  Are you reaching your full potential?  What are some behaviors that you can change to attract success TODAY?

All great questions to build on this week!


Love & Light, Fam!

Ep. 7 – Make the Difference

This week’s episode covers a lot of different topics under one huge and super important umbrella, mentorship.

No one has gotten to where they are in life, or achieved the level of success that they have alone.  There is always someone there helping them along the way as a trusted confidant, mentor and tutor.

This is supremely important for those of us who are working our way up through some ladder whether its corporate, small business, non profit or whatever.  Throughout your journey, you will encounter a ton of people who possess skill sets and expertise that will  serve you in your journey.

This presents the opportunity for them to become ingrained into your success story, and you into theirs.

This week is all about making the difference in someone’s life.  This is not always a monetary factor. Most times, it has nothing to do with money at all.  Taking someone under your wing and teaching them what you know is equally (if not more) impactful and beneficial.

I encourage each of the readers and listeners to reach out to someone whom they feel has potential to be something great, someone you believe in.  Reach out ask them how you can assist them.  Reach out and let them know that you see them, offer words of encouragement and see where that goes.

You could be in the beginning stages of building a lucrative and lifelong partnership with someone by simply reaching out and sparking a conversation.

Love & light, Fam!



Ep. 6 – The Days of the Week LOVE You!

I have a special place in my heart for those “I hate Mondays” people.  I am that person in the office who’s all “HAPPY MONDAY” and painfully cheerful for no reason on a Monday morning.  It’s quite hilarious on my end, but not so much for the people who are annoyed by this behavior.

Sorry, not sorry.

This week on the She Lifts Podcast we are talking about just that, the week.  I had a very interesting conversation with my son regarding the days of the week where he stated,

“The days of the week LOVE you!”

I was so blown away by the myriad of thoughts that rushed through my mind as we were having this conversation, that I had no other choice but to throw them all together into an episode.

Trust me, I am not trying to turn all of you “Non Monday” people into Monday people and definitely not trying to convert all the “Non Morning” people into Morning people because I haven’t even figured out how to make that work for myself, yet.  This episode just offers a different perspective on the days of the week and how they love you and ways in which you can love them back.

Now back to you “Non Morning” folks out there, there is hope!  I also highlighted a book that I recently read by Hal Elrod entitled “The Miracle Morning: The Not-So-Obvious Secret Guaranteed to Transform Your Life…(Before 8AM).  This book is chock full of amazing tips, tools and secrets to transforming your life before the sun even comes up!  It is a great and easy read, I would even call it a page turner.

All in all, this week thing is something we will be stuck with for the rest of our lives.  We shouldn’t go to bed on Sunday night dreading waking up on a Monday morning, we should be ON FIRE for the next morning to come and embracing every single moment of each and every day.

Thanks for putting your ears on it!

Love and Light, Fam!

Ep. 5 – Paralyzed by Fear


It’s another MOTIVATION MONDAY which’s means it’s time for a WHOLE new episode of the SHE LIFTS PODCAST!!

This week’s episode is one of my favorites. I think I actually say that every week, but I mean it this time!

We are talking about fear this week.  Discussing how it feels to be paralyzed by fear.  I shared a pretty personal story about one of my fears and a time when I was so overcome by that fear that I literally couldn’t move.

I drew the inspiration for this episode not only from that experience, but also from Will Smith.  He had an interview during which he discussed the experience he shared with his sons; skydiving.  He discussed how terrifying it was and how he experienced pure bliss, once he pushed past his fear.

We are all afraid of something whether its something physical, social, emotional or psychosomatic, you’re afraid of it.  What you fail to realize though, is that God puts the best things in life on the other side of fear and your ability to push past that fear will also reward you with some of the best experiences in life.

Do no be afraid to be unafraid!

Head over to SoundCloud or iTunes to check out this week’s episode to find out what I am afraid of!!!

Thanks for putting your ears on it!!!

Love & Light, Fam!!

Ep. 4 – Just Do It

Its another #motivationmonday and today we are exploring the idea of getting up off your buns and getting into your life.

There are so many steps between “I want” and “I did” and a ton of emotions attached to each step.  But imagine the AWESOME sense of accomplishment that comes along with completing a task or achieving a goal!

Its almost overwhelming, right?

Right.  So check out this weeks episode, available on both SoundCloud and iTunes (links on home page) as we gear up to “Just Do It”.

Love & Light, Fam.

Ep. 3 – What you talkin’ bout Willis?

Fam!!! What…is…UP??  I hope you’ve had a chance to listen to the She Lifts Podcast this week.  If not, there are plenty opportunities, so don’t feel bad.  If you have, THANKS for putting your ears on it!!

This week’s episode explores POSITIVE SELF TALK!! This has been a staple in rebuilding for me.  I set out to change the narrative; change the way I communicated with myself about myself.  However, I learned that I had to first pay attention to what I was actually saying.

I share with you guys some key tools and tips to incorporate positive self talk into your daily life.  I also seek to stress how important it is to be kind to yourself and cultivate the relationship with yourself.

There are also a ton of great examples in this episode and a lot of references coming your way as well!!

Thanks for putting your ears on it!!!


Love & Light, Fam!